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Wonderful Beginnings

Preparing for a New Arrival?

New parents, siblings and grandparents can prepare themselves for a new baby through the childbirth classes offered through the Wonderful Beginnings program. From early pregnancy through pre-admission to the hospital, Wonderful Beginnings offers something for everyone in the family.

Click here or call 1-800-THE-DESK (1-800-843-3375) for a class schedule, for information or to register.

Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy classes meet for three consecutive Wednesday nights at the NMMC Women's Hospital. Early Pregnancy classes are recommended for women during their first five months of pregnancy and cover physical and emotional changes, discomforts such as morning sickness, prenatal nutrition, fetal growth and development, and common tests of fetal well-being, such as ultrasound. Participants also learn some aspects of parenting, such as how to prepare your home for an infant and how to deal with advice new parents get from well-meaning friends.

Preparation for Birth

Preparation for Birth classes, recommended at the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy, meet for six consecutive weeks on Monday or Tuesday nights. Preparation for Birth classes teach parents when to come to the hospital and what to expect when once they arrive, the four stages of labor, Lamaze patterns of breathing and relaxation, and anesthesia and pain relief options. Also discussed are special situations such as induced labor, forceps and Cesarean-section deliveries. Topics include caring for a newborn, as well as physical and emotional changes the mother can expect.

Birth by Cesarean

Birth by Cesarean classes are offered monthly for those who anticipate that type of delivery. Topics include indications and preparation for C-section delivery, emergency versus scheduled C-sections and recovery.

Lamaze Weekend Class

The Lamaze Weekend Class meets from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. two consecutive Saturdays for anyone who is short on time or has a conflicting work schedule. Lamaze classes provide information about natural pain relief options as well as epidural anesthesia. Participants also learn about breastfeeding and the early postpartum period, as well as healthy lifestyles for pregnancy and beyond. This class is recommended after the seventh month of pregnancy.

Infant CPR

Infant CPR is offered Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for parents and caregivers.


Breast-Feeding Class

Breast-Feeding Class meets the third Thursday of each month. Instructors discuss the advantages of breast-feeding, as well as positioning, nutrition and how to manage breast tenderness. Topics also include common problems, such as trying to breast-feed a sleepy baby.

Sibling Class

The Sibling Class is offered monthly to help expectant brothers and sisters understand the changes that are about to occur in their family. Participants learn what a newborn looks and acts like, and how they can help care for the new baby. Children learn feeding, diapering and playtime routines, and tour the hospital area where their mother will be.

Grandparenting Class

The Grandparenting Class is offered one Saturday per month to help expectant grandparents learn about things that have changed since they were new parents. This free class provides grandparents with much of the same infant care information given to parents. Techniques for caring for newborns and infants have changed over the years, and this class gives grandparents an opportunity to learn them.