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Valve Center

The future of Heart Valve Surgery is now present.

The Valve Center at North Mississippi Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Institute offers convenient access to the most advanced treatment available. The Valve Center specializes in the latest innovations in treating patients with heart valve disorders.

Heart Valve Services

The Valve Center offers diagnosis of heart valve disorders and treatment using both the traditional open approach and minimally-invasive procedures. The Valve Center serves patients with these conditions:

  • Aortic stenosis and regurgitation

  • Mitral stenosis and regurgitation

  • Pulmonic stenosis and regurgitation

  • Tricuspid stenosis and regurgitation

Services include cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac computed tomography (CT ), echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, valvuloplasty and mini-valve surgery.

NMMC is the first hospital in Mississippi and west Tennessee to offer transcatheter aortic valve replacement, a huge breakthrough for high-risk patients who suffer from aortic stenosis. A cardiologist-cardiothoracic surgeon team replaces a diseased valve in one of two ways. The most common way is to place a sheath into the femoral artery, much the same way that a heart cath is performed. The sheaths are, however, much larger to allow the insertion of the transcatheter valve that has been crimped down tight on an inflatable balloon and passed through the sheath. Because of the sheath sizes currently available, not everyone is a candidate for the femoral approach. For many of these patients, a transapical approach may be used. In this approach the catheter is placed directly into the tip of the heart through a small incision just below the breast using direct visualization of the heart.

TAVR is performed on a beating heart and does not require cardiopulmonary bypass or opening the chest like traditional valve surgery. TAVR is a significant breakthrough for those patients currently suffering from severe aortic stenosis. TAVR and other minimally-invasive heart procedures are done in NMMC’s hybrid OR, which combines operating room capabilities with the most advanced imaging systems available.


Heart Valve Team

At the NMMC Valve Center, patients receive a comprehensive functional assessment by multiple specialists in a convenient, outpatient setting. Our team of experts designs a treatment plan and communicates it to patients and referring physicians for ongoing care. NMMC specializes in minimally-invasive heart procedures, avoiding major surgery whenever possible. As an added benefit, referring physicians can access their patients’ reports through NMMC ’s electronic medical record.

For more information, call (662) 377-3654 or 1-888-HEART14 • (1-888-432-7814).


Interventional Cardiology

Barry Bertolet, M.D.






Interventional Cardiology
Roger Williams, M.D.







Non-Invasive Cardiology
Murray Estess, M.D.





Cardiothoracic Surgery
Robert Derveloy, M.D.






Cardiothoracic Surgery
David Talton, M.D.






Structural Heart Manager
Leanne Presley, RN