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New Patient Rooms

Highlights of the new patient rooms include:

  • The size and design of the new patient rooms will enable NMMC to discontinue use of several of the older nurse stations.
  • A flexible design to accommodate all changes regarding bedside nursing over the next 50 years
  • A design appropriate for this generation as well as the next.
  • A floor plan that promotes staff efficiency and patient orientation. All 250 new patient rooms will be “same handed,” i.e., all doorknobs will be on the right side of the door, all light switches will be in the same place, all televisions oriented to the bed in the same way, etc.
  • From bedside, the patient will control bed position, nurse call, television channel and volume, lighting throughout room and window shade operation.


The patient room’s features include:

  • Larger than previous rooms by 50 percent
  • Fully equipped toilet and shower room that is fully ADA accessible
  • Multiple staff stations inside and outside of room
  • Special no wax, nonslip flooring
  • Addition of a nurse server or special cabinet for each bedroom to house all linen, supplies and medications. The cabinet enables staff to stock items from the hallway, which reduces the number of times staff enters the room and possibly disturbs the patient. The nurse server is also accessible from inside patient rooms.