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Treatment & Programs

Driving Assessment and Training

The Driving Assessment and Training program is physician referred and monitored by an occupational therapist. Head injury, stroke and amputee patients may need help determining whether they are able to return to driving. Prior to driving, an inpatient screening measures visual perception, reaction time, muscle strength and cognitive abilities. A minimum one-hour drive is modified to meet individual patient needs, usually following familiar paths, in the "rehab car" equipped with adaptive equipment. The therapist makes a recommendation of readiness to physicians and helps patients contact appropriate companies for installing adaptive equipment in their own vehicles.


Therapeutic Leave Program

The Therapeutic Leave Program allows patients to leave the inpatient facility on a day pass. The purpose of therapeutic leave is to enable patients to feel comfortable in their own surroundings and help them adapt to changes in their home environment. Therapeutic leave also allows caregivers the opportunity to identify other potential problems, learning needs and coping skills needed prior to discharge.