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Patient Safety

We are pleased that you have chosen North Mississippi Medical Center for your health care needs. It is our desire to provide quality patient care.

We would like to partner with you to provide a safer environment during your hospital stay. Patients who take an active role in their health have lasting benefits and better results.

Preventive cards and brochures:

Help Prevent Errors in Your Surgical Care
Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Infection
Speak Up! Help Prevent Errors in Your Care
Things You Can Do To Prevent Medication Mistakes
Planning Your Recovery
Speak Up! Patient Rights

Print the medication card from the link below and cut out at the boundaries. Tape together with the writing facing out on both sides. Fill out and fold into thirds to fit in your billfold. This card is also available in the lobbies of NMHS hospitals.

My Medications


We need your help in the following areas:

Fall Prevention

Sometimes your illness, surgery, medications, bed rest, etc., may cause weakness. Please help us reduce your risk of falling.

  • When you get up always wear non-skid footies or house shoes. Ask for a pair if you did not bring a pair from home.
  • If you have been advised not to get up without help, please press your call button for help.
  • Press your call button if liquid is spilled on the floor.
  • Press your call button if you need items that are not within your reach.
  • We may ask that your room door remain open, so that we can observe you.
  • We may ask family members to stay with you at times for your safety.
  • When all other methods have failed, restraints may be used to protect you.


  • The location on your body where surgery is to be performed may be marked with a special pen before surgery.
  • You may be asked the same questions several times. This is an additional safety measure to verify your identification and the type of surgical procedure that you will be having.
  • Your safety is our concern.

Equipment Alarms

  • If your IV pump or other equipment alarms, press your call button. Never try to reset an alarm yourself.
  • We may ask that your room door remain open so that our nursing staff can hear an alarm.
  • Nothing should cover the alarm to reduce the sound.
  • Never disconnect

Medication Administration

  • Please be sure to share information about allergies and reactions you have had from medications or food.
  • Make yourself familiar with the medications that your doctor has ordered.
  • If your medications do not look familiar to you (different color, amount or routine), please ask questions before taking your medications.
  • Your nurse will check your ID bracelet and ask your name before giving your medications or IV fluids.
  • Do not take any medications except those given by your nurse.

If you have any questions about patient safety or other matters during your hospital stay, please speak with your nurse.