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Hospital Bills & Insurance

Financial Arrangements

NMMC strives to provide high quality care at a reasonable cost to our patients. As a not-for-profit hospital, all charges are based solely on the costs of operating and maintaining the hospital.

Please remember that an insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. While we do everything we can to expedite your claim, you are responsible for your bill. Any part of your bill not covered by your insurance will be due prior to or during your hospital stay.

Your Hospital Charges

Although your hospital bill is updated each day, it sometimes takes longer for certain charges or credits to be posted to your account. For this reason, the balance shown on your statement at the time of your discharge may not be the final amount due, and you may receive an additional statement by mail.

Included in your daily room rate are the following goods and services: meals and snacks, 24-hour nursing care, housekeeping services, routine nursing services, television and a private telephone line with free local calls.

The daily room rate does not include the following: special services ordered by your physician (e.g., x-rays, laboratory tests); the reading of tests by radiologists, pathologists, or other specialists; medical supplies; prescriptions, electrocardiograms or other special cardiac studies; physical therapy or other therapeutic services; oxygen therapy; anesthesia; the use of the operating room and recovery room; guest trays or the use of cots.

Guest trays and meal trays are available to our patients' family members. Please note that convenience items are not covered by insurance.

Hospital bills do not include physicians' fees. You will be billed separately for the professional services of your admitting physician and of other physicians involved in consultation. For example, radiologists will bill you for interpretation of x-ray procedures; anesthesiologists will bill you for administration of anesthesia during surgery. Private duty nurses or sitters must also be paid separately.

Because hospitals must provide care 24 hours a day, three shifts of employees are required.

If you have any questions about your bill or about other medical charges incurred at the hospital or Women's Hospital, please call the Business Service Center at (662) 377-3219. The Business Service Center is located at 1494 Cliff Gookin Blvd., Tupelo, Mississippi.

Payment Policy

NMMC's Payment Policy regarding patient accounts receivable is designed to clarify the responsibility for payment of patient accounts and keep to a reasonable minimum the amount of time required to settle patient accounts at NMMC. The payment policy is as follows:

1. The final responsibility for the payment of a patient's account always rests with the patient or the patient's guarantor. Although NMMC accepts and honors assignments of insurance benefits and works closely with patients regarding the settlement of liability claims connected with their hospitalizations, we do so only as a convenience to patients in assisting them to settle their hospital accounts. The acceptance of an insurance assignment does not relieve patients of the final responsibility of settling their accounts.

2. NMMC accepts and honors assignments of insurance benefits for all insurance companies licensed to do business in the state of Mississippi. If proper insurance information is submitted by the patient or the patient's representative during his stay in the hospital, NMMC will bill the patient's charges to his insurance company as soon as possible after discharge.

3. Any balance in a patient's account above the estimated insurance benefits are due from the patient or patient's guarantor by no later than the time of discharge.

4. NMMC will honor assignments of insurance benefits for 75 days from the date of billing to the insurance company. If at the end of 75 days, the insurance company has not settled the account, NMMC will look to the patient for the final settlement of the account.

5. Patients scheduled for elective admissions, or for elective outpatient procedures, must make arrangements prior to their admission for the payment of any amounts that will not be covered by their insurance. Elective patients who have not made such arrangements will be asked to delay their admission until satisfactory payment arrangements can be made.

6. Any patients having inadequate insurance coverage or no insurance coverage may be requested to make appropriate deposits at the time of admission. Information regarding deposit arrangements can be obtained from the Business Services admission counselor.

7. NMMC will not make time payment arrangements for the settlement of any remaining account balance for a period exceeding 90 days. Time payment arrangements will be made available to patients at discharge through Tupelo Service Finance, Inc. Any patient wishing to make time payment arrangements for longer than 90 days will be referred to Tupelo Service Finance.

8. Any amounts not covered by insurance that remain unpaid in the patient's account 90 days after discharge will be turned over to Tupelo Service Finance for collection, unless the patient has made formal arrangements to have the account settled within the immediate future. Any patients who request financial assistance will be provided a charity care application. The completed charity application will be reviewed by the Director of Business Services to determine if financial assistance is appropriate.