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Philosophy of Nursing

The purpose of nursing is to provide appropriate, efficient and effective care to individuals in varying states of health across the continuum. At North Mississippi Health Services we believe:

  • Nurses assume a leadership role in the multi-disciplinary planning, coordination and delivery of care.
  • Nurses provide care with respect for the dignity and individuality of patients and families.
  • Nurses maintain integrity, respect confidentiality, build trust and foster mutual support with patients/families/other health care providers.
  • Nurses provide care to reduce pain and suffering, to enhance healing and to be a supportive presence in the face of grief.
  • Nurses encourage patients/families to actively participate in actual care and in decisions affecting their care.
  • Nurses promote individual health and well being through informal and formal education of patient/family and significant others.
  • Nurses seek educational opportunities to enhance clinical competencies and promote self growth and development in the pursuit of quality patient care.
  • Nurses are involved in professional activities at the organizational, local, state and regional level which address and/or affect the health of society, and the growth and image of their profession.
  • Nurses engage in individual and collaborative activities and scientific inquiry to maintain and improve the health of the community.