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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


NMMC’s board-certified neonatologists treat patients from throughout the region, whether they are born at Women’s Hospital or transferred by mobile intensive care unit or helicopter to Tupelo from hospitals in outlying communities. The new facility is designed for 34 newborns with the flexibility to accommodate 50.

The NICU accommodates 22 premature or critically ill newborns and their special needs, while the facility’s Intermediate Care Nursery accommodates 12 newborns who are less fragile. A flexible design allows for more NICU incubators when the demand is greater there than in the Intermediate Care Nursery, and vice versa. Two four-bed wards in the NICU accommodate babies who need to be in isolation or multiples such as triplets or quadruplets.

A specially trained nurse is assigned to each semi-private room, which accommodates two newborns. The nurse’s workstation between the two beds is behind a glass wall, giving the nurse a full view of each room while at the same time ensuring a more peaceful environment for the babies.


Parents are able to stay overnight in their baby’s room if they choose. Families also have access to a nearby kitchenette, television lounge and shower. The family area also offers computers with Internet access and other resources for parents.

A Discharge Preparation Room is available for parents who need special instructions before taking their NICU “graduate” home from the hospital. They can spend one to three nights in this home-like environment to make sure they are comfortable taking care of their baby virtually on their own, while staff members are nearby to help when needed.