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Mission and Vision

Why We Exist

To continuously improve the health of the people of our region.

What We Want To Be

The provider of the best patient- and family-centered care and health services in America.

Vision and Innovation

Vision and innovation are woven into the very fabric of our organizational culture. The Mission, Vision and Organizational Values are the evolutionary result of an organization created by people of vision in this community in the early 1930s. NMMC and its leadership are dedicated to continuing that tradition and accomplishment set by community leaders in Tupelo and surrounding communities. NMMC reaffirms and refreshes the intentions of our community's founding leaders to address current needs and anticipate the future state of health care.

We do this through a carefully crafted and continuously refined process of strategic planning that correlates current and future health care needs with the current capability and the future promise of the art and science of medicine. The Mission, Vision and Organizational Values are not just words but messages that inspire a diverse workforce to achieve our full potential.

The Board of Directors and senior leadership set the current Mission statement in 1994 to reflect the growing refusal to accept the pervasiveness of disease, which continued to debilitate our region. In 2001, this process led to the Values statement based on input from employees, physicians and the community. Since 1996, as a result of our work with the Baldrige criteria, we set our sights on organizational performance that far exceeds merely the acceptable. The Vision was updated in 2016 to reflect NMHS' dedication to serving the needs of patients and their families.