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NMMC Friends and Grateful Patients Program

Donate and Honor Now

Show your gratitude for great patient care.

It may have been kind words from a doctor or nurse, or a technologist who took time to explain a procedure. Maybe someone else, a volunteer, housekeeping or food services staff who went the extra mile to make sure you or a loved one felt cared for. You can show your gratitude in a meaningful way through Health Care Foundation’s Friends and Grateful Patents Program.

The Grateful Patient Program allows patients, family and friends to thank and recognize hospital staff who made a difference. At the same time, they make a donation supporting one of HCF’s programs.

Donate to support a specific program or department or HCF’s Area of Greatest Need. Your donation ensures that patients continue to receive the best care possible.

Recognize one person, or an entire care team - anyone who helped make the hospital care experience a little easier. Tell us who you want to honor with your donation, and why. They will receive a gift acknowledgement and recognition from the department’s leadership.