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Health Care Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi?


Health Care Foundation of North Mississippi secures and distributes donations for health care programs and services that improve the overall health status of the people in this region.

Gifts to HCF help patients, families and communities throughout North Mississippi by providing medications and nutritional support for needy patients; community health and wellness programs, especially those that improve children's health services; life saving equipment and training for medical students. The Health Care Foundation provides support for NMHS and its affiliated entities including NMMC.

All donations are tax deductible and may be designated by donors for a specific purpose, program or patient care project.


What type of programs and services does HCF support?


Reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurers often only provide for a portion of the cost of medical treatment.

Additionally, a growing number of patients have little or no insurance and cannot afford expensive medications. Many don’t have transportation to receive their much needed treatment.

Donations and gifts provide funds for needs such as:

  • Financial assistance to needy patients for their medications
  • Nutritional supplements and transportation for medical treatment
  • Community health and wellness programs, especially those that improve children's health services such as the School Nurse Program and School Health Centers
  • The latest in life-saving medical treatment options at our medical centers
  • Educational training for medical students and health care professionals

HCF also provides grants to non-NMHS community organizations which work to improve the health of the people and communities throughout this region. A sample of these organizations include:

  • Good Samaritan Free Clinic
  • Mantachie Clinic
  • Regional Rehabilitation
  • CATCH Kids


How is HCF funded?


HCF receives charitable donations from a variety of supporters:

  • NMHS employees and physicians are our largest group of donors. Approximately 40 percent of all employees give annually to the Foundation.
  • Patients and their families give as an expression of gratitude for medical care they have received.
  • Individuals and businesses donate to help assure community health services are available to others.
  • Grants from local and federal sources provide funds for many specific health programs and services.


What are the benefits of your charitable donation?


Through your donation HCF will be able to help....

  • Provide direct assistance to needy patients and their families.
  • Support community health programs and school health centers
  • Assure that life-saving medical equipment is readily available.

Your benefits include....

  • The satisfaction of knowing you have helped to improve someone's life and health.
  • A personal connection with thousands of NMHS employee and physician donors.
  • A charitable income tax deduction.
  • Recognition as a Centre Club member ($100 and above annually).


How much should I give?


You should give at a level with which you are most comfortable. However, employees are encouraged to at least consider a Centre Club membership with a payroll deducted gift in the amount of $3.85 per pay period. Those who want to consider a gift of 1, 2 or 3 percent of their salary will become Centre Club Members and also be recognized on our Tree of Life recognition center.

All gifts, regardless of the amount, are very much appreciated.


May I donate to a specific need or to a favorite area or hospital service?


Yes! You may direct your gift to a specific health facility, fund or program, or you may want to consider allowing us to use it for areas of greatest need.


Does all of my donation go to the area I choose to support?


Yes! HCF is able to offset administrative and fund-raising costs from investment income and operating support from NMHS. This allows 100 percent of your gift to be used for its intended purpose.


Will HCF consider providing grants to needs in my community?


HCF will accept funding proposals from any organization which meets our qualifications for receiving a grant. Guidelines are available by calling the Foundation office.

The Foundation also has a special fund, The Good Neighbor Fund, which provides financial grants of up to $250 to support NMHS employees who personally involve themselves in volunteer activities in their communities. The fund is made available through the interest earned on employee contributions to HCF and income from special fund-raising events. Any employee of the North Mississippi Health Services system who participates in the Health Care Foundation's annual employee giving program may apply for a Good Neighbor grant.