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NMMC Employees

Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Throughout the year every NMMC employee and physician is invited to join Health Care Foundation’s annual giving campaign by making a payroll deduction or one-time personal contribution. Philanthropy touches every patient and family member in one way or another, so each donation, no matter what size, will make a difference for the patients we care so deeply about.

In 2015, Health Care Foundation received approximately $1 million of charitable support from 2,551 donors, including employees and physicians, to support patient care at NMMC hospitals, community wellness and children’s health programs. The 2015 employee giving campaign is our chance to show the region that extraordinary patient- and family-centered care starts with us.

Donations of any amount make a difference:

Each year, contributions of all amounts from thousands of individuals, including our own employees, support everything from children’s health programs to new medical technologies. Here are some ways that your donation can help our patients and their families.

A donation of:
• $25 - Round trip travel for a chemotherapy patient from West Point or Pontotoc
• $50 - 1 Month supply of Zofran anti-nausea medication
• $100 - Hotel stay for parents of a NICU patient
• $250 - A field classroom field trip to HealthWorks!
• $300 - Screening mammogram for a needy patient
• $500 - Home Apnea Premature Monitor

If you have questions, please email or call us at (662) 377-3613.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the NMMC employee giving campaign?
The employee giving campaign allows every member of the North Mississippi Medical Centers’ family to help support our hospitals’ mission and provide for a health care needs through personal our financial contributions.

I already give so much, why should I contribute financially?
While the day-to-day sacrifices you make to serve patients and families are beyond measure, making a voluntary philanthropic gift is another way to strengthen our hospitals’ ability to provide for many more care needs.

Many organizations ask for my support, why should I donate to our hospital?

Giving back to our hospital sends a powerful statement to your colleagues and our community. We rely on the generosity of our community so that we may continue to provide outstanding primary and specialty care. Each year, contributions from thousands of individuals support everything from patient assistance, diabetes education and children’s health programs to innovations in patient care that aren’t part of our hospital’s operating budget. Join the community and your fellow colleagues today in supporting NMMC’s vision to be the nation’s best provider of patient and family-centered care.

Is participation in the employee giving campaign mandatory?
No. Financial contributions are completely voluntary.

Does my giving have any influence on my performance review?
No. Giving has no influence on any performance evaluation.

Will all of my donation be used for charitable purposes?
Yes. Of any amount you choose to give, 100% of your gift goes to support charitable health care needs. None of you donation will be used for fundraising expenses. Your donations are also income tax-deductible as allowed by IRS regulations.

How do I make a donation?
There are many ways to donate. You can donate online, through payroll deductions on your secured EmpLink account, or by completing and returning our donation form.

What are my payment options?
Payment options include payroll deductions, personal check, credit card, debit card, cash, planned gifts, or gifts of stock.

Can I donate through payroll deduction?
Yes. Payroll deductions are available for hospital employees and employed physicians only. Sign up for payroll deductions by click here or call the Foundation office at (662) 377-3613.

Can I choose where I want to designate my donation?
Yes, you can choose to designate your support. Philanthropic contributions support a wide array of programs and services, including a number of those in medical and surgical services, patient and family services, and community health resources. To designate your payroll deduction, click here.... For more information regarding how to direct gifts or make gifts in honor or memory of an individual, please call the Foundation office at (662) 377-3613.

How do I donate online?
Use the online giving form.

How will my donation be recognized?
Employees will receive an acknowledgment letter and tax receipt for their donation and a special pin recognizing you as a Centre Club donor if your donation or commitment is $100 or more. Special recognition is provided for donations of $1000 or more.

Can I make an anonymous donation?

Yes, please specify on your donation form that you want your gift to be listed anonymously. We would still like to have your contact information so we can thank you, but your name will not be shared publicly.

What kinds of incentives are there?
Any employee who donates $100 or more special Centre Club pin recognizing you as a donor and ….(# points)

If I have more questions, who can I contact?
If you need assistance or have additional questions contact the Foundation office at (662) 377-3613.


"I give to HCF because it helps so many worthy causes, especially here in the heart of North Mississippi. HCF provides funding to many patient care funds, which helps so many of our patients. Our area is very blessed to have HCF. I am glad I have an opportunity to help someone by giving."


Rick Blansett, Print Shop


"I help others because I would want someone to help me if the roles were reversed. There’s no greater joy than serving others."

Christy Whitley, Women’s Hospital


"The Healthcare Foundation is an excellent program for giving. It is an easy way to reach out and make a difference in the lives of individuals across varied spectrums. The HCF impacts our community in areas of health, education, facility projects to support delivery of care, and in crisis situations. I am proud to contribute to an entity with a philosophy of serving and helping others in need."


Marie Barnes, NMMC-Pontotoc