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Charity Care Policy

Charity Care Statement

Hospital will provide medically necessary services to patients who reside in the hospital service area, and whose household income levels are below 100 percent of the NMHS poverty guidelines, free of charge or at a reduced charge. For more information, contact 1-888-615-0595 or

NMHS Charity Care Policy & Application Guidelines

Download the NMHS Charity Care Policy & Application Guidelines PDF

Charity care provided from 2014-2016


Uninsured Discount Statement

North Mississippi Health Services will provide its prevalent managed care discount to any patient that meets North Mississippi Health Services' definition of uninsured (an individual having no third party coverage by commercial third party insurer, an ERISA plan, Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, Champus or other coverage for all or any part of their bill). In addition, a patient who requests the discount as an uninsured patient will not be entitled to receive the billing information that would allow them to file an insurance claim.