The North Mississippi Medical Center cancer team gives you
hope for the future.

When diagnosed with cancer, you want every available
resource devoted to your recovery. We have those
resources. All the brightest minds, newest innovations
and latest breakthroughs are working together to
improve your outcome, and your outlook towards life.

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Here are a few of the resources that NMMC has dedicated toward your care:

We’re the only program in the region where the entire cancer team meets weekly to review new cases and prescribe the best course of treatment
for breast, lung and colorectal cancers.
A dedicated nurse navigator is assigned to breast, lung and colorectal cancer patients to coordinate care and explain treatment options. They serve as the point of contact for patients and their families.
Genetic counselors are available to assess your family history and hereditary risks for certain cancers, and provide a plan to reduce those risks.
Our association with UAB Health System Cancer Community Network provides access to the latest research and educational opportunities for our staff.
Associate of Health System Cancer Community Network

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