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BEE Award honorees personify NMMC's remarkable patient experience. These individuals consistently demonstrate excellence and are recognized as outstanding role models.


Just as the DAISY cannot survive without the BEE, nurses cannot survive without the oustanding teamwork of other health care professionals. Each BEE Award honoree will be recognized at a public ceremony on his/her unit and will receive a certificate and BEE Award pin.


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A BEE Award nominee portrays a positive presence at NMMC. They are respectful, anticipate needs, share information, promote teamwork, and encourage patient and family participation.


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Patients, visitors, physicians and employees may nominate a deserving caregiver by filling out a nomination form and submitting it to:


          North Mississippi Medical Center

          Nursing Leadership Department

          830 South Gloster Street

          Tupelo, MS  38801

For more information, call (662) 377-6554 or email


2018 Recipients


January 2018

Beth Anglin

Certified Nursing Assistant/Unit Coordinator


Beth Anglin was nominated by a coworker for providing transportation during a snow day. “Not only is Beth a great caregiver for our patients, she also looks out for her coworkers,” the nomination states. “She so graciously offered to drive eight miles out of her way to come get me this morning so I would not have to drive in by myself, and she is making sure we get home safe.”


February 2018

Mindy Walston

Certified Nursing Assistant

6 South


Mindy Walston was nominated by a registered nurse for her exceptional care of a long-term patient. “He has a poor prognosis, but she went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable and taken care of,” the nomination states. “She repeatedly performed mouth care and turned him every two hours without me having to ask. When she got concerned about his breathing, she quickly informed me so that I could check on him.”


March 2018

Immanuel Crump

Certified Nursing Assistant

3 South


Immanuel Crump was nominated by a patient who felt he “went over his duties.” The patient suffered a panic attack, elevating her blood pressure and causing her to get sick during dialysis treatment. “I threw up so much that I had soiled my clothes,” she said. “Mr. Crump, in a calming manner, reassured me in a way that my panic attack changed. Him talking to me as a friend helped me. If not for his kind manner, I would not have gotten better.”


April 2018

Lauren Pearce

5 Central

Lauren Pearce was nominated for the award by a coworker for several acts of kindness. “We had a patient who had left his glasses on discharge to another facility. Lauren volunteered to deliver the glasses even though it was 30 minutes out of her way,” her nomination states. “We also had a patient on an altered diet who was refusing meals because of the alterations. With her own money, Lauren bought the patient food that was part of his altered diet. The patient and family were very grateful.” Pearce was also cited for volunteering to work additional hours when needed.



May 2018

Reanie Bean

Nursing Assistant

Rehabilitation Institute


Reanie Bean was nominated by a coworker for going above and beyond. “One of her patients had no extra clothing for rehab, and no family had come to provide the patient any. Mrs. Reanie took it upon herself to provide the patient with clothing the next day,” a coworker wrote in her nomination. On another occasion, a patient had no clean clothes and the unit’s washer was out of service. “Mrs. Reanie took it upon herself to take the patient’s clothing home to wash them and bring them back,” she wrote. “The patient was very thankful. Mrs. Reanie is a loving person who provides excellent care to her patients, works well with her coworkers and always has a smile!”


June 2018

Emonie Morris

6 South


Emonie Morris was nominated by a patient’s caregiver for her excellent customer service skills. “She deserves to be recognized for her full commitment—her smile, her compassion and her willingness to care for an individual’s needs is outstanding,” her nomination states. “Even in the hallways after working long shifts, she is carrying her smile and remains positive.”


July 2018

Amber Floyd



Amber Floyd was working as a unit coordinator and nursing assistant on 5 West at the time of her nomination. "My husband had been very sick, and he is a cancer patient. He had not eaten anything and all he felt like he could eat was a lemon icebox pie, and the cafeteria was closed,” a patient’s wife wrote in her nomination. “Ms. Amber Floyd was on her break, and she went and found a lemon icebox pie and purchased one for my husband and also bought one for me too! I wanted to acknowledge her for going out of her way to do something wonderful for my husband.”


August 2018

Jerry Gravat

Case Management


Jerry Gravat was nominated by a nurse manager for his extraordinary actions on behalf of a patient whose condition necessitated a very short haircut. The patient was also suffering from depression and was insecure about losing her hair. “Jerry informed the patient that the only way for her to begin healing would be to have her hair cut very short or possibly shaved,” his nomination states. “He spoke to her in such a compassionate way that she understood what would have to take place.” Matted beyond being able to cut with scissors, the hair required electric clippers, which Gravat purchased with his own money. He continued to reassure the patient throughout the process.


October 2018

Stacie Christian

Rehabilitation Institute


“My husband was wanting blue Gatorade at every meal. The kitchen did not have it all the time,” a patient’s wife wrote in her nomination of Stacie Christian. “When she came back (after being off work a few days)… she came early in his room and brought him a six-pack of blue Gatorade that she had bought with her own money. We tried to repay her but she wouldn’t receive anything. Exceptionally kind and genuinely sweet. Give her a real blessing, for she is one to us!”







2017 Recipients


June 2017

Brandon Smith



Brandon Smith was nominated by coworkers for the way he took care of a family who was struggling with the impending death of their loved one. “They had a special connection with Brandon. They were sharing their feelings with Brandon, and he sat and listened and comforted them,” his nomination states. “He even went with them to the Critical Care Unit and stayed in the waiting room with them. He truly went above and beyond for this family. We are blessed to have him as a CNA on our unit.”


July 2017

Kaleshia McIntosh

Behavioral Health Center


Kaleshia McIntosh was nominated by a coworker for her extraordinary care of a patient who was very upset and wanted to talk with her. “She was on another unit; however, after completing her duties she came to the Senior Care Unit to talk with the patient, who was tearful and extremely afraid,” the nomination states. The patient thanked McIntosh, saying that she felt safe after talking to her. The patient also assured McIntosh that she was vital to her team and had definitely chosen the correct career path.


August 2017

Teresa Ballard

5 West

Teresa Ballard was nominated by her nurse manager for displaying extraordinary compassion toward a recent patient after a specialized piece of equipment was accidentally thrown away. “This inner cannula was unique to his tracheostomy and had to be special ordered,” the nomination states. “She worked immediately to assure one was ordered and then she personally delivered it to the patient’s home when it came in because the patient had already been discharged. This is a perfect example of teamwork and compassion for our patients and their family.”


September 2017

Joyce Ward

Emergency Services Department


Joyce Ward was nominated for the award by a patient’s sister. “My brother was in a motorcycle accident. We live six hours away from here,” the nomination states. “She contacted us to let us know my brother was at this hospital and was stable. She told us to drive safe and she would be waiting on us when we made it.”

After a few hours, Ward called again to check on the family and to tell them exactly where to go once they arrived. “When we finally made it, she was there waiting,” the sister wrote. “It was past time for her to get off, but she stayed until we got there. I am very appreciative for all her help and the wonderful care she gave my family and my brother.”

October 2017

Danielle Cunningham

Behavioral Health Center


Danielle Cummingham, a certified nursing assistant, was nominated by a patient who said whenever she asked Cunningham for anything, she did it with “a beautiful attitude.” “It was like she was happy to help,” the nomination states. “She has a sweet personality and is like a ray of sunshine. She is certainly an example of a compassionate, kind employee.”


November 2017

Charla Harrell

Medicine Services


Charla Harrell, a managerial assistant for Medicine Services, was nominated for the award by a coworker for giving a patient’s wife gas money so that she could visit her husband in the hospital. “The couple was used to being together,” the nomination states. “This kind act allowed her to be here while her husband was in the hospital.”


December 2017

Robbie Tutor

Inpatient Hospice


Robbie Tutor was nominated for the award by a Hospice patient’s daughter from Texas. “Robbie is one of a kind. She is one of the most caring, genuine, loving, bubbly and outgoing people I have met,” the daughter wrote.

She called my mother ‘Mamaw’ each night when she greeted her,” the daughter wrote. “When Mama was alert, she would grin and raise her eyebrows in response to Robbie. Robbie even sang one of mama’s favorite songs with me as we serenaded Mama.” The daughter said Tutor “knew how to break through the sadness and lighten our moods” and took time to address any questions or concerns. “We will never forget that special lady and her kind heart and sweet spirit,” she wrote.