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All Stars 2012

MaCall Cantrell

Nursing Ward Clerk

MaCall Cantrell of Hamilton joined NMMC-Hamilton in 2010.

Cantrell says what she loves most about her job is being able to help with the care of the people in her community, as well as her wonderful coworkers.


Carol Duckworth

Education Care Manager
Tupelo Home Health

Carol Duckworth, RN, of Nettleton has been with NMMC for 40 years. She previously served in the role of nurse manager for Behavioral Health from 1973 to 1992.

Duckworth said the best part of her job is the people with whom she works and seeing them care for the patients they serve. She appreciates that together they make a difference.

Tina Bell Floyd


Tina Bell Floyd of Plantersville joined the NMMC staff in 2004 as a certified nursing assistant on 3 West/Oncology, then transferred to Hospice.

Floyd says what she loves most about her job is caring for patients as well as their families as though they are her own family. She also appreciates working with a great group of people who truly care and are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that our patients receive the best care possible.

Mike Franks

System Technician
Facility Operations

Mike Franks of Hamilton has been with NMMC-Hamilton for 14 years.

Franks says the best part of his job is working with great people and having diverse and challenging tasks every minute.


Doug Liles

System Technician
Facility Operations

Doug Liles of Belmont joined NMMC in 2006.

Liles says the best part of his job is the people with whom he interacts each day. He also appreciates the satisfaction that comes from helping others.


Eddie Moye

Security Supervisor
NMMC-West Point

Eddie Moye of West Point joined the local hospital’s staff in 2000.

Moye was cited several times for driving patients back to their vehicles or home after being discharged from the hospital. The patients had all been transported to the Emergency Department by ambulance and had no other way to get back where they needed to go.


Loretta Porter

Home Health Aide
Tupelo Home Health

Loretta Porter of Tupelo has been with NMMC since 1991.

Porter said the best part of her job is making her patients feel good. She says making them laugh and forget about their pains for a little while means more than anything.


Leigh-Anne Scroggins

Registered Nurse

Leigh-Anne Scroggins of Booneville joined NMMC in 2005.

Scroggins said she loves taking care of her patients and families. After losing her mother to breast cancer in 2006, Scroggins says working with hospice has helped her heal. She appreciates working with people who demonstrate that passion every day.


Deborah Thomas

Branch Manager
Fulton Home Health

Deborah Thomas has been with NMMC for 25 years. Before her current job, Thomas served as staff nurse and charge nurse at Itawamba County Hospital. She transferred to NMMC Home Health in 1988.

What Thomas loves most about her job is being able to make a difference in people’s lives and working with the home care staff to make this impact on so many people in our region.

Becky Turner

Nursing Supervisor
Women and Children’s Services
NMMC Women’s Hospital

Becky Turner, RN, of Oxford re-joined the NMMC staff in 2008 as a registered nurse in the Resource Pool before being named as a nursing supervisor for Women and Children’s Services the following year. Previously, she served as staff nurse and charge nurse in NMMC’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit from 2004-2006.

Turner says the best part of her job is working with employees and patients from all areas—labor and delivery, postpartum, well-baby nursery or NICU. She feels blessed to be a part of the Women’s Hospital family.