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All Stars 2011

Heather Bowen

Clinical Educator
Women’s Hospital Surgery and PACU
GE/ASIS Representative

Heather Bowen of Guntown joined the NMMC staff in 2003. She previously served as an RN on 5 West, circulator for main unit Surgery, and circulator for Women’s Hospital Surgery.

Bowen says she loves teaching and leading others, as well as being taught and learning new things herself.


Beth Buse

Medical Social Worker
Home Health and Hospice

Beth Buse of New Albany joined the NMMC staff in 2003, and previously worked as the volunteer/bereavement coordinator for Hospice.

The best part of Buse’s job is getting to visit patients in their homes and providing special care in a personal place as the patients near the end of their lives.


Cindy Cockell

Home Health and Hospice
Pontotoc Branch

Cindy Cockell of Houston joined the NMMC staff in 1997, and previously worked in the Emergency Department. She was named an All Star in 2005 and 2010 as well.

Cockell says the most rewarding part of her job is helping others and making a difference in their lives. She enjoys working in her community and making a difference close to home.


Tina Bell Floyd

Certified Nursing Assistant
Home Health and Hospice

Tina Bell Floyd of Plantersville joined the NMMC staff in 2004, and previously served as a nursing assistant on 3 West. She was named an All Star in 2006 and 2010 as well.

Bell is known for kind gestures, like visiting a patient on her day off to braid the patient’s hair, and rescuing another patient from a hair disaster on another day off. She also shows kindness by checking on patients between visits and helping families in their time of loss.


Carolyn Hood

Office Coordinator
Home Health and Hospice

Carolyn Hood of Baldwyn joined the NMMC Home Health and Hospice staff in 1996.

Hood said she loves the feeling of family at Home Health and how everyone pulls together as a team.



Bessie Griffin

Admission/Discharge Specialist
Eupora Medical Clinic

Bessie Griffin of Eupora has worked for Dr. Charles Ozborn’s medical practice since May 1970, and joined NMMC in 1993 when his clinic affiliated with the health care organization.

Coworkers say on several occasions Griffin has taken patients who didn’t have a ride to the hospital, and even taken them home to pick up their clothes first or stayed with the patient until family arrived. She also buys sympathy cards for employees to sign and send to families when a clinic patient passes away.

Eddie Moye

Security Manager
NMMC-West Point

Eddie Moye of West Point joined the local hospital’s staff in 2000.

Moye often surprises patients, guests and coworkers by going the extra mile without being asked. After transporting an elderly patient in a wheelchair to the Emergency Department, he returned to drape a warm blanket over the patient’s shoulders to make sure she was comfortable. When a patient was dropped off at the Emergency Department by mistake, he drove her to her doctor’s office for her appointment. He also drove to Memphis on his day off to pick up a scope that was being repaired so that procedures could resume the next day.

Paula A. Rumore

Office Manager
Eupora Medical Clinic

Paula Rumore of Eupora joined Eupora Medical Clinic in 2007.

She drives patients to the hospital to be admitted, when needed, and will even go to the hospital after work to sit with the patient or family members. Rumore also sends cards to patients who have a death in their family.


Katherine Souter

Restorative Care Technician
NMMC-Pontotoc Long Term Care

Katherine Souter of Pontotoc joined NMMC-Pontotoc in February 2007.

The best part of Souter’s job is helping to restore the daily living activities of patients, such as walking, dressing, grooming, transfers, and feeding. She says it is a blessing to care for those who cannot care for themselves.


Kimmy Vinson

Physical Therapy Assistant

Kimmy Vinson of Hamilton joined NMMC-Hamilton in 2009 as PRN staff and went to full time in 2010.

Vinson loves that her job allows her to have an impact in her community and improve the lives of her patients.



Shirley Wood

Medical Social Worker
Home Health and Hospice

Shirley Wood of Verona joined the NMMC staff in October 1987. She was previously selected as an All Star in 2009.

Wood has been recognized by Stars On-Line several times for putting her patients first, even when she is off the clock. On one occasion Wood noticed a patient having trouble preparing her lunch so Wood stepped in to help her. Wood is also known for following up with the families after a patient passes away, even going so far as to attend the funeral on her day off. She always makes patients and their families feel special.